Glaucoma Care and Treatment

Glaucoma is a disease that can steal your vision if not detected and treated early. It is generally caused by elevated pressure within the eye (Intra-Ocular Pressure or IOP) that will eventually damage the delicate optic nerve at the back of the eye causing loss of vision and eventually blindness. Initially, eye drop medication is prescribed to reduce the elevated pressure within the eye.

However, many patients forget to use their drops and drops are not always effective at reducing pressure. Once we determine you are at risk, we will create a schedule for monitoring your IOP based on your unique situation. Patients that have difficulty achieving good IOP control will need more frequent check-ups. Other patients with stable IOP and a low risk of glaucomatous progression may only need to be checked annually or semiannually.

We use the latest in glaucoma diagnostic technology on each of our glaucoma patients. This technology includes the automated Humphrey Visual Field analyzer with STAT-PAC, as well as nerve fiber layer analysis with the Heidelberg Spectralis SD-OCT. For patients who do not have stable IOP, we offer surgical procedures such as Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), surgical trabeculectomy, and laser Iridotomy that can often reduce or eliminate the need for topical or oral glaucoma medications.

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